Altea Town Costa Etrusca

Altea could be a small but beautiful town which can be found at distance of ten kilometer from Benidorm and fifty kilometer from Alicante coupled with northwest side. You can plan your vacations in Altea or remain in Benidorm and may go to the town on weekend for any couple of days to have pure beauty and climate.

Altea includes a different ambiance in comparison with Benidorm because this place is less crowded without any nightlife activities but nonetheless this really is frequently a distinctive place to visit. The city is known due to its white-colored-colored-colored paint houses and tapered roads. The location is loaded with a lot of painters, musicians and artists getting a few beautiful background monuments over the town.

The city has Nuestra Senora del Consuelo, the famous attraction for tourist in Costa Etrusca that exist for the reason that old Historic core town. There are many roads that are irregular and narrow with many different flowers over the Church Square. The city offers volume of restaurants with local and worldwide food, galleries and shops wonderful type of traditional things like handicraft and souvenirs.

Old Capital of scotland- Altea is about the mountain and you will make use of the enjoyable views by using this the top of the hillsides. You will notice beaches and views of bay with enjoyable climate throughout. You may also see song of Calpe town by using this top across the north side along with the tall structures of Benidorm across the south side within the hill.


Altea has lots of beaches of small size with amount of coves. La Roda may be the primary beach in Altea that’s near the Algar River that’s available in the primary side of Old Town the country apartment. The shore has amount of marine sports activities for the visitors and if you have been shops, bars and restaurants at the sea to facilitate the visitors. Cabo Blanco could be a wide beach in Altea that’s which include Albir Beach and furthermore it’s amount of restaurants and shops with carpark for the visitors.


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