Create Lifelong Memories With Beach and Family Photography In Destin Florida

When you are looking for the best backdrop for your family photos then Destin FL. is the best destination. The sunrise and sunsets, crystal-clear emerald water, and the rising & falling white sand dunes of the Emerald coast offer a spectacular backdrop for family photos. It can be a priceless souvenir, which will be cherished eternally.

Besides, being a beautiful backdrop for family or beach photography, Destin is a great vacation location to spend with the entire family. Have fun with children at the Eden Gardens State Park, Baytown Wharf, or experience the jetties.

There is plenty to enjoy in Destin Florida and with the best photographer you can stay ensured that every type of photography will get captured like mom and the children playing in the water, children making sand castles, dad trying to walk around, everyone shouting as the jetty cuts the gulf water, and more.

The best Destin Florida photographer from Sutton Photography is patient around kids and even elders. Natural surroundings are a great backdrop for every photograph, but the photographer also experiences lighting challenges. The professional photographer is capable to get the right technique and lighting conditions. Bright sunlight creates blown-out highlights and harsh shadows, but the diffusing light technique is used to get an ideal family photo at the beach even in the afternoons.

Best location in Destin FL. for capturing memorable family photographs

  • Eden Gardens State Park has a 100-year-old majestic mansion surrounded by moss-covered huge oaks and native plants.
  • Baytowne Wharf is a magical spot with things ranging from grassy green hillocks to musical carousels to graffiti-covered walls.
  • Architectural delights like the Emerald Grande and Harbor Walk. Spend hours enjoying the natural beauty, a grand marble staircase, a lighthouse, surfboard racks, and trees.
  • Okaloosa Island offers a view of the best scenic beaches. A wide white beach, rolling hillocks of dunes, no buildings, and clear emerald water. It appears to be a paradise with no chaos or disturbance. The location is peaceful and serene.
  • The watercolor Cerulean Park is a botanical paradise, where you can enjoy watching the flowing fountain, grassy greens, trees, and flowers. Small kids will enjoy this spot!
  • Seaside on 30A extends from Ruskin Park and meets a coastal artsy paradise.
  • Grayton Beach State Park is a protected spot including impressive hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and coastal dune lakes.
  • Maxwell-Gunter Recreational Area is not technically in Destin but for clients who need a woodsy feel with some water touch in their photography sessions then this park is a great option. The park is on Niceville bay, outside Destin.
  • Henderson Beach State Park is an open and wide beach with emerald green water and bright-white sand crystals. It is the best-maintained beach park worth adding to your photo sessions.

Even if there is no occasion, you can celebrate and create memories by capturing simple things like coordinating matching outfits with the family or documenting crucial milestones like engagement photo graduation, family reunions, or baby announcement.

Booking a professional photographer for a beach photography session ensures that you get lots of sentimental and spectacular photos captured during the Florida trip. You can enjoy the moments with your family like a bond, have fun, and create unforgettable memories with the ones whom you love the most.

Family portraits are hard to capture because getting them together is a challenge. Family beach portrait is getting famous because it brings everyone together at the same time and location….it is a precious moment to preserve.

Besides, the Emerald Coast beaches make an ideal backdrop for a family-fun event. It also is a tangible way of remembering the family beach vacation and its funny moments.

What to carry during beach photography sessions?

Wear clothing suitable to the weather and comfortable shoes to maintain a smile throughout the session.

What must your wear?

It is stressful to choose an ideal family photo outfit. The photos will hang on the walls for many years. It doesn’t matter if your kid is 3 years or 15 years….finding an outfit everyone adores is challenging. Some helpful tips to choose a family outfit for the photography session.

  • Match your outfits to look cohesive. Choose the main color and add a few neutrals. For example, if the main color is blue then add grey, mustard, or cream to highlight the blue.
  • Never go matchy-matchy because the photos will look a little overwhelming. You want to look cohesive but not very matchy-matchy. Get creative and have the boys wear gray shades and girls can choose light pink. Play around with different pastel shades even if the main color is blue.
  • If you always wear T-shirts and shorts then there is no need to wear a party dress. Never feel overwhelmed thinking about what to choose casual, formal, or not very casual. The best advice is to wear what feels natural and then accessorize it.

Avoid bright colors or bold prints because they may look distracting in the photos. Natural textures and colors will help the family stand out and not the clothes.

  • Never feel the pressure to look perfect. Getting family together, dressed nicely, and posing with smiles is hard work. Therefore, move away from the expectation of smooth shirts and perfect smiles. Have fun!

Family photo sessions help to remember the magical moments spent together. The shaggy hair, teen years, and little dimples can help to recall the moments spent tickling and laughing with one another. They are better photographs than the ideally posed pictures.

What’s the best time for a beach photography session?

Emerald Coast beaches are the ideal backdrop. Even on cloudy days, you can plan a photography session. However, the best times, in general, are sunrise and sunset because the sky is colorful and vibrant. Ensure that the beach chosen is less crowded.

Professional beach photography in Destin Florida is an ideal vacation souvenir. The photos are well-edited and the quality is the best. Enjoy the beach vacation as well as use the scenic views to create memorable family photographs.


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