Walking Between Kathmandu and Tibet – Day Seven

There something always magical about getting out of bed within the snow storm. Whether it were not so freaking cold inside the Tea House Lodge I’d become more inspired. Still, it had been lovely.

The snow hidden our tentative offers to hike through Ganja La Mountain Pass towards the Helambu region across the Tibet border. It may have been tough anyway. We did not contain the right gear or food supplies. Plus, the pass was above 15000 feet. It get hairy as of this altitude unless of course obviously clearly your ready. Trekkers should not underestimate the existence and dying challenges of crossing a larger mountain pass.

I used to be the worst outfitted trekkers within the Himalayas. It had been partially since i used to be spontaneous. We did not decide to plan anything, therefore we needed to make do with what gear we’d around. I’d some high-top leaky running shoes along with a heavy yak made from made of woll sweater under my old Army jacket. My backpack had an sufficient padded waist belt to diffuse the responsibility. We’d no tent or cooking gear. Kirsten was hardly best obtaining a summer time time time weight sleeping bag and old alunimum frame pack.

Compared, we’d an excellent clever master pass yesterday basically i had been immobile from altitude acclimation. They reeked greater than readiness. He’d a totally new red matching full ski suit that shined as though it had been just because they are a REI. His backpack additionally to his boots were color coordinated.

The actual was alone, but marched with 4 sherpa porters transporting God determine what as they also was a complete backpack. It had been lots of gear for this sort of tame area as Langtang Valley, but possibly he was exceeding the pass.

This flashy master also marched with confidence, as though he understood who he was where he was going. He’d the program, nonetheless it appear for some reason intellectual & joyless as though he didn’t hold the good factor in regards to the understanding. He marched quickly by as though he’d an appointment to help keep.

My ideas is imagining each one of these detail regarding the poor guy and you never know maybe this style was just perfect for him. I saw him later every day within the snow storm. I’m capable of only imagine which kind of hell he knowledgeable about that blizzard yesterday if he was round the high peak.

His attitude was total altered. He look introduced out and demoralized. Gone was his jaunty step. Rag tag was his shiny gear. Dulled and worn from only one night.


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