Why is Myrtle Beach So Popular?

You may understand that Myrtle Coastline has stunning, white sand, long, warm water, a coastline you can swim in all the time, as well as more seafood buffets than you understand what to do with. Also, to be honest, that’s possibly sufficient for any type of beach lover.
Yet there’s more to deep sea fishing Myrtle Beach than that renowned, beautiful, fun stretch of coastline. Here’s what you might not know concerning the Grand Strand:

  • The term “Grand Strand” originates from an old definition of “hair” indicating the area of land that borders a body of water. With an amazing 60 miles of undisturbed coastline, the Myrtle Beach area is definitely grand. Deep sea fishing charters in Myrtle Beach exist right in the middle of this notoriously incredible crescent of beach that ranges from the Georgetown Area nearly to the N.C. state line.

  • The Shag, a swing dance extremely preferred in the 1950s and 1960s, comes from North Myrtle Coastline. The precious 1989 sleeper classic flick “Shag” was placed in Myrtle Coastline and was recorded there. You still can locate a coastline music band and individuals pleased to instruct you the shag’s standard steps most nights somewhere on the Grand Strand. The NSDC competition is also held there yearly. To contact fishing charters in Myrtle Beach, please click on the link.

  • The remarkable magazine Sports magazine was established in Myrtle Beach by Henry Luce in 1954. A placard event at the publication’s beginning can still be located there. To know about Myrtle Beach fishing charters, please follow the link.

  • It’s difficult to imagine when you depend on the coastline and see high resorts extending in either instruction about you can see; however, the beachfront was basically empty before 1901, when the Beach Inn, the extremely first resort in the area, was constructed.


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