Your Ultimate Guide For Fishing In Destin

Destin, Florida is extremely famous for its beaches. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, you can enjoy the place watching the most beautiful views. The majority of tourists who visit here do not return back without spending their time in a fishing charter. Offshore fishing gives a great kick to those who love fishing. Some of the fishes, which you find offshore are mahi mahi, tuna, red snapper, and monster billfish. 

Summer Fishing

If you love inshore fishing, get ready to catch the redfish, snook, tarpon, speckled trout, etc. When it comes to Destin, the peak tourism season is summer. And, most of them try fishing. The beautiful and biggest trophy fish appear here during summer. You can find a lot of other species with it. The blue marlins, which are the fastest and largest, can grow beyond 1000 pounds. 

But when you are in the fishing fighting chair, it feels like they weigh more. It’s a fantastic pleasure to catch one of these stunning fish because they are excellent predators. They are popular for their speed and intelligence. Enjoy fishing in summer and you will remember that experience for lifetime. 

Fall Fishing

Many people love fall fishing here as they will get a chance to catch the large bull redfish. During fall the bull redfish travel into the nearby inshore shallow waters. The largest redfish, which have spent the entire year feeding close to jetties, bays, and piers migrate with the redfish to the shallow backwaters. If you want to catch the monster redfish, you must definitely try fishing during the fall in Destin. Destin is not only about fishing. In fact, there are many more things to do in Destin. To plan your trip to Destin well, check popular websites like Destin Keep reading to know about the Destin Florida things to do.

  • Destin has some great restaurants which are famous for seafood. Try the wood-fired pizzas and pasta and you will love them. Plan your lunch or dinner in one of the best restaurants, Destin to satisfy your taste buds.
  • If you really want to enjoy yourself with your friends or family in Destin, you must definitely spend some time on a tiki boat. You can find a lot of newly married couples on these boats. These boats usually look like floating bars. They look truly amazing. You can take your drinks with you on the boat. Enjoy your drinks and relax there. Try this during the hot summer and you will love that experience.
  • Do you want to try something new in Destin? The banana boats here are something that you must definitely try with your friends and family. They are the perfect choice for those who love wild thrill. These boats are ideal for four to six members.
  • From kids to elders, everybody love to watch the Dolphins. You can find plenty of local companies here which can plan your trip to watch these amazing mammals.
  • Gator Beach is one place that looks busy with tourists throughout the year. This park has hundreds of alligators from smaller to larger size. This park is known for educational tours and feeding the gators. Tourists are allowed to click some pictures with a gator here.
  • Destin is also a perfect place for shopping. You can find more than 90 stores here, and they offer a large variety of well-known brands for furniture, jewelry, sporting goods, and clothing.
  • Destin is also famous for escape rooms. You can find escape rooms here with different themes. If you are planning to try the escape with kids, choose the ones that are not scary. Choose the theme always keeping your friends or family or whomever you are planning to go there with in mind. Remember that people whom you are taking with you must feel comfortable. In fact, they must be able to enjoy it.
  • You can find the best snorkelling spots along the Emerald Coast’s crystal-clear waters. Destin is a popular location for an amazing snorkeling experience due to the amount of marine life here. Enjoy watching the sea life while snorkeling.
  • Don’t forget to take a parasailing trip. There is no doubt that with parasailing, you can make your Destin trip the best one.

Fishing in Destin

Some of the common types of fishing which you observe here are deep sea fishing, surf fishing, kayak fishing, bay fishing, and pier fishing. If you want to enjoy fishing, know which spots are famous for fishing in Destin. Let’s discuss some of them here in detail. 

  • When it comes to sur fishing, you don’t require a boat, which is one of the reasons why people love it. People go surf fishing between March to November. You can try surf fishing in winter as well. Some of the common species, which catch here with surf fishing are blue runners, redfish, Pompano, Sharks, Lady fish, Black drums, etc. If you are planning to go surf fishing, try it during early morning.
  • Bay fishing is more fun. Take a bay charter for rent and enjoy fishing. You can even rent a boat and head towards bay for fishing. The bay looks very calm compared to the ocean.
  • If you want to enjoy a highly intense fishing trip with your loved ones, it is pier fishing that you must try.

Whether is saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing, you would require a license. To enjoy your Destin trip completely, you must stay there for at least a week. Book a vacation rental for your stay to feel comfortable. These vacation rentals are more like your home with all the facilities such as kitchen, TV, Wifi, swimming pool, etc. 

If you are someone who wants to prepare food on your own here, the vacation rentals are a perfect choice. Prepare your favorite food and serve it to your loved ones to enjoy your trip. If you are planning to visit Destin during summer, ensure that you pack only lightweight clothes. As the humidity can be high at the beaches, wearing lightweight clothes helps you stay comfortable.



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