Activities to do in Hidalgo

Hidalgo, as well as all of Central Mexico, has what is known as the Eternal Springtime environment. This suggests you can expect mild springtime temperature levels all year, as well as it’s never incredibly cold or hot.

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The best time to check out Hidalgo Mexico is from October to the end of March, during the dry season. The wet period is between April-September, and it can rain quite a bit.

  • Las Grutas de Tolantongo 

Among the most-seen, las Grutas de Tolantongo is said to be large and complicated with warm springs pools, river zip lines, hotels, falls, and whatnot.

To make the most of it you need to invest at least two nights there to ensure that you can have a full day in the park. I would stay clear of vacations, as well as weekend breaks to avert the crowds.

  • Prismas basalticos in Huasca de Ocampo 

These amazing rock formations, as well as falls, are located can be reached by car/bus from Huasca de Ocampa.

  • Hacienda Santa Maria Regla

This gorgeous 18th-century farmhouse was among the properties of the Conde de Regla, Pedro Romero de Terreros.

It was working as a manufacturing facility where the ores come from Real del Monte and functioned to draw out the silver, as well as other metals.

The magnificent area with its mazes, as well as restored old structures has been developed into a stunning hotel, yet you don’t need to stay there to value it, although it would be a wonderful treat.

  • Tula Archaeological site

Tula is a stunning archaeological site, as well as the resources of the Toltec Empire between the rise of Tenochtitlan and the fall of Teotihuacan. It is situated in the Tula Valley in Tula de Allende city, just 2 hours from Mexico City, as well as not a very interesting city to visit.

The archaeological site includes a gallery and remains of an old settlement known as Tula Chico in addition to the major ritualistic site called Tula Grande.


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