Is Traveling To Bhutan Worth The Time And Effort? 

Often you might wonder how to travel to Bhutan. Flying to Bhutan is not that difficult. There has been a lot of work done to connect the world to Bhutan since tourism in Bhutan started to open up to the outside world in 1974. Travelers have two options to reach Bhutan: by plane or by land. All visitors to Bhutan must make their travel arrangements through an authorised tour operator. Your travel company will be able to handle all aspects of preparing your trip, including applying for visas, booking flights, lodging, and creating an itinerary.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Bhutan? 

Let us delve into the best time to visit Bhutan. 


Consider visiting Bhutan in early June if you want to avoid the higher prices and the harsh winter weather. The entire month of June will be ideal for travel if the monsoon is delayed. In July, the monsoon will begin in earnest. It would be worth mentioning here that you only encounter sporadic afternoon light showers once every two to three days during the monsoon season in Bhutan. Some remote areas, like Gangtey, should be avoided because the rural road may be clogged with mud. After a rain, the summer season frequently delivers lush paddy fields and vibrantly green forests against a backdrop of beautiful blue skies.


Winter would be the best season to visit to see the Black-Necked Cranes and avoid the crowds. Visit Bhutan in December if you want to see the Himalayan blue sky without paying the extra fee. As the lowest temperature normally occurs near the end of January, the temperature would not be too frigid just yet. Paro and Thimphu may see a single day of snow in January or February.

Monthly International Arrivals

In October, about 20% of foreign visitors arrive. If you are thinking of travelling in October, we strongly advise making your reservations at least three months in advance. The months of May and November are good options for travellers who want to escape the crowds while still enjoying the greatest weather. Consider visiting in June or December if you want to make the biggest savings at the lowest cost. You could take advantage of the favourable weather and cheap season prices.

The Best Time To Trek In Bhutan 

You would love trekking in Bhutan o the snow-clad Himalayas surrounding the region. Knowing the ideal time to visit the area is one of the most crucial things to know before you go trekking. Because Bhutan is located in the eastern region of the Himalayas, it frequently experiences harsh weather that is not particularly new. But you must be considering the ideal time to embark on a journey to Bhutan. Due to the harsh and unpredictable weather, trekkers in Bhutan are only able to go on hikes for a short duration.

Visiting Bhutan on a trek in March, April, or May would be excellent. Bhutan tour cost is also not high.

The fall months, which run from late September to the end of November, are another ideal time of year to travel to Bhutan. Bhutan experiences significant snowfall in December, January, and February. It could be impossible for trekkers to reach the Himalayas’ highest point. Trekking in Bhutan is safe during the summer season because of the melting snow on the mountain tops.

Enjoying The Beauty Of Bhutan 

Flying to Bhutan during the trekking season will allow you to see the incredible flora and fauna growing on the slopes. There are few or no rains, no significant snowfalls in the mountains, and no bright skies, thus there are no hiking excursions. 



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