White Water Rafting Kolad – Everything You Need to Know

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must try white water rafting Kolad at least once in your lifetime. It is the most adventurous activity, where you exhilarate through rushing rapids and stunning landscapes. Kolad is a village nestled in the Sahyadris of Maharashtra. So, it is good news for Maharashtrians, who love adventure and want to try something exciting in their lives. They can perform this heart-pounding activity with their family and friends while enjoying the natural beauty of the village.

If you are also interested in white water rafting Kolad, this article is for you. Here, we have listed some comprehensive information that you must know before visiting the place.

The Kundalika River: The Heart of the Adventure

In Kolad, white water rafting is performed over the Kundalika River. The river, originating in the picturesque Bhira Dam, provides the perfect terrain for white water rafting. The river has different levels for beginners, intermediates, and seasoned rafters. All types of rafters can enjoy this adventure sport by moving their raft in the gushing waters and rocky rapids. The river’s course extends for about 14 kilometers, offering a thrilling experience for all.

Best Time for Rafting

The best time to perform white water rafting Kolad is during the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, i.e., from June to September. This is so because during this season the water levels are at their peak, which makes the adventure more exciting and ensures an adrenaline-pumping ride down the rapids.

Difficulty Levels

As discussed above, rafting in Kolad can be performed at different levels. The rafters can experience rapids ranging from gentle Grade 1 beginner to challenging Grade 3 rapids. Only experienced rafters with more experience in the same should attempt the Grade 3 rapids. Hence, there is something for everyone that can be performed under the guidance of experts. If you are a beginner, start with Grade 1, where you gain the confidence of rafting, and then try other levels.

Safety Measures

While performing any adventure sport, the safety of the participants must be paramount, and white water rafting Kolad is no exception. Rafting operators in Kolad provide all the necessary safety gear to the participants, which includes jackets and helmets. A skilled guide stays on the raft with other participants and keeps guiding them to perform the task efficiently. The guide is skilled enough to handle all the emergencies and take other necessary precautions while performing the activity.

Suitable Attire

If you are going to perform the rafting, carry comfortable, water-resistant clothing and closed-toe footwear with you. Avoid wearing loose jewelry or other accessories that may get entangled during the ride and can spoil all the fun by harming you.

Getting There

Kolad is well connected by road and rail. The village is located approximately 120 kilometers from Mumbai and 145 kilometers from Pune. It is also easily accessible from the major cities in Maharashtra.


So, the people of Mumbai and Pune can easily plan white water rafting Kolad with their family and friends and experience this breathtaking activity. So, gear up, get ready for the rush, and let the Kundalika River lead you on an unforgettable journey! Visit Empowercamp.


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